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Moria spell/porennin

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  • David Kiltz
    ... I know of no instance of nin being suffixed to either a preposition or a noun. Anybody ? [There is _enni_ * to me in S. _guren bêd enni_ my heart
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2004
      On 30.03.2004, at 08:50, cgilson75 wrote:

      > He also <Tom Loback>
      > suggested that _porennin_ may be structured comparably to _porannin_,
      > but with preposition _en_ `from yonder, over there', i.e. _porennin_
      > ==`_ before me' and _porannin_ ==== `_ for me'.

      I know of no instance of 'nin' being suffixed to either a preposition
      or a noun. Anybody ?

      [There is _enni_ *'to me' in S. _guren bêd enni_ 'my heart tells me',
      with _ni_ suffixed to a preposition, which is very close to what Tom
      Loback proposed (VT41:11; for an etymological discussion of
      _enni_ see editorial note 4, pp. 15-16). -- PHW]

      The first element of _porennin_ may contain S. _paur, -bor_ [LR:366],
      related to Quenya _quár(e)_ ibid. About the root KWAR- Tolkien writes:
      "Common Eldarin had a base KWAR 'press together, squeeze, wring'. A
      derivative was _*kwâra_ : Quenya _quár_, Telerin _pâr_, Sindarin
      _paur_. This may be translated 'fist', though its chief use was in
      reference to the tightly closed hand as in using an implement or a
      craft-tool rather than to the 'fist' as used in punching. (...) In the
      working of this [mithril] he [Celebrimbor] became a rival of the
      Dwarves, or rather an equal, for there was great friendship between
      the Dwarves of Moria and Celebrimbor, and they shared their skills and
      craft-secrets. In the same way _Tegilbor_ was used for one skilled in
      calligraphy [S. _tegil < Q. _tekil_ 'pen']" [XII:318].

      Thus, as in the name _Celebrimbor_, _quár_ and S. _paur_ respectively
      can apparently have the meaning 'skilled hand'. Perhaps then, "Annon
      porennin" is to read 'Gate of those with skilled hands" sc. Celebrimbor
      and Narvi.

      If _porannin_ is to be taken as a variant (developed in the process of
      writing) of _porennin_ and, furthermore, _nithrad_ means 'entry', we
      have a sort of chiasm here:

      _Annon porennin ... porannin nithrad._

      -David Kiltz
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