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Re : [Lambengolmor] Pronunciation and writing of _r_ in Quenya

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  • Edouard Kloczko
    ... ... I read here originally occurring in Quenya as meaning originally occurring in Common Eldarin (?)or/and Primitive Quendian , e.g. *not* in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5 4:15 AM
      >De : Helios De Rosario Martinez <imrahil@...>
      >À : lambengolmor@yahoogroups.com
      >Objet : [Lambengolmor] Pronunciation and writing of _r_ in Quenya
      >Date : Dim 4 jan 2004 23:24


      > "[Óre] was often used for a weak (untrilled) _r_, originally occurring
      > in Quenya and regarded in the system of that language as the weakest
      > consonant of the _tincotéma_." (LR:1094)

      I read here "originally occurring in Quenya" as meaning "originally
      occurring in Common Eldarin (?)or/and Primitive Quendian", e.g. *not* in
      Quenya as the living language of Aman and later in Exile, in which we had
      only one trilled r.

      There was no such thing as a "Third Age" Quenya (of the Eldar): e.g. a
      dialect used in the T.A. as distinct of the one spoken by the Eldar in the
      First or the Second Age. This is clearly stated by Tolkien in his letter to
      Dick Plotz.

      As for Men Quenya was never their mother tongue; they spoke it either with
      an adûnaic accent and later with a sôval phâre accent. ;-)
      But most of the time it was for them a "Book language".


      Edouard Kloczko
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