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  • Ales Bican
    ... **Eh, I am puzzled. I see I have misunderstood the purpose of this mailing list. I have re-read the description on the yahoo site but I am still puzzled.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2003
      Patrick H. Wynne wrote:

      >NOTE: I had originally intended to post the following comments on
      >Elfling, but as of this morning I have been banned from that forum
      >by David Salo, without explanation or warning.

      Carl F. Hostetter added:

      >[List members are invited to read and join the Elfling-d meta-discussion list:
      >if they share our concern for the policies and practices of the owner and
      >moderators of Elfling. CFH]

      **Eh, I am puzzled. I see I have misunderstood the purpose of this
      mailing list. I have re-read the description on the yahoo site but
      I am still puzzled. What is going on on elfling-d is certainly of
      interest, I myself am a member of it and read its messages but
      the purpose of this list is not (if I understand it correctly, though I
      probably do not) to be engaged in such affairs but only in discussions
      concerning Tolkien's invented languages. If I wrote something like
      this and sent it to this list, I do not doubt (and do not object in fact)
      that it would be rejected as off-topic. Similarly, I would be very
      surprised if this post of mine was not rejected, because it is off-topic
      for the lambengolmor list. Or am I wrong?

      Ales Bican

      What's in a name? That which we call a rose
      by any other name would smell as sweet. (Juliet, _Romeo and Juliet_)

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      [My mention of the fact that I have been banned on Elfling was necessary
      to explain why I was posting a lengthy response to an Elfling thread here
      on Lambengolmor instead of on Elfling itself (my post on _ingwe_ and
      *_pingwe_ was completed before I learned of my ban, and I felt it was a
      shame to waste the research). Carl's moderatorial addition of a link to
      Elfling-d for those who might have an interest in this situation is
      perfectly reasonable, since it is 1) simply a _link_, not an actual dis-
      cussion of the situation; 2) hardly a regular occurrence on this list; and
      3) a mere single sentence added to a lengthy post _otherwise devoted
      entirely to a discussion concerning Tolkien's invented languages_.
      Ales's puzzlement thus strikes me as both unjustified and exaggerated.

      This having been said, I will note that the proper forum for discussion
      and/or criticism of the moderation of the Lambengolmor list is on the
      Lambengolmor-d meta-discussion list, which you will find at:


      To quote from Carl's introductory message, "The purpose of
      [Lambengolmor-d] is to serve as a forum for the publication and
      discussion of rejected posts, and of the moderatorial policies and
      practices of the Lambengolmor list".

      I am allowing Ales's post, despite the fact that it does not concern
      Tolkien's languages, as an opportunity to remind the members of
      Lambengolmor of the existence of Lambengolmor-d and of its purpose.
      From this point on, however, all further queries or criticisms regarding
      moderatorial policy should be directed to Lambengolmor-d and
      not to this list. -- Patrick H. Wynne]
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