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Meta: _Tengwestië_ purpose and submissions

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    I d like to say a little more here about the purpose of _Tengwestië_, and the reason for its creation. For years now, it s been clear that what space I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10 10:59 AM
      I'd like to say a little more here about the purpose of _Tengwestië_,
      and the reason for its creation. For years now, it's been clear that
      what space I have in an issue of _Vinyar Tengwar_ (40 pages is the
      practical limit) must primarily be devoted to the work of myself and my
      colleagues on Tolkien's lingusitic papers. Unfortunately, this has
      squeezed out most room and opportunity for us and others to offer
      analytical articles, or for columns (such as Arden Smith's very popular
      "Transitions in Translations"). I view _Tengwestië_ as, in part, a
      means to "extend" _VT_ to provide a forum for such articles and columns

      To this end, I should point out that submisssions are welcome and
      encouraged, so long as they adhere to the scholarly and descriptive
      purposes of the journal. I've spent a considerable amount of time
      developing a template for articles, so that others can relatively
      easily apply the styles and markup conventions I've developed to
      prepare their articles for publication in XHTML format. When I have
      some time, I mean to detail how to obtain and use this template and the
      site's style sheets, so that anyone that wishes can use them, and so
      that I can reduce the workload on myself in preparing articles for
      publication in _Tengwestië_. I also mean to solicit some volunteers to
      help authors with marking up articles for _Tengwestiê_, if for some
      reason they are unable to do so themselves. So keep an eye out for
      further details on these points.

      In the meantime, if anyone is eager to try their hand at writing and
      marking up an article, you can examine the source of the two
      _Tengwestië_ articles published to date as examples of the standards of
      markup I've developed so far, and examine the style sheets that are
      referenced in the header of the articles.


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