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Announcing _Tengwestië_, the online journal of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Today it is my great pleasure to announce _Tengwestië_, a new, online journal of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship: http://www.elvish.org/Tengwestie/ This
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2003
      Today it is my great pleasure to announce _Tengwestië_, a new, online
      journal of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship:


      This journal's name is the Quenya term for 'Language', as a general
      concept and topic (as opposed to _tengwesta_, the term for an
      individual linguistic system). The title was chosen to reflect the
      broadness of the subject of this journal, which like the print journals
      of the E.L.F., _Parma Eldalamberon_ and _Vinyar Tengwar_, and its
      e-mail discussion forum, the _Lambengolmor_ list, is intended as a
      forum for the scholarly study of Tolkien's invented art-languages. The
      common goal of its readers and contributors is to explore all aspects
      of Tolkien's art-languages, through all the shifting course of
      Tolkien's lifelong conceptualization and presentation of them, and
      through all the stages of historical development that Tolkien created
      for them. We believe that Tolkien's art-languages, at all stages of
      their development, both internal and external, are worthy of study in
      their own right, as the lifelong intellectual and aesthetic production
      of a master philologist and author, and separate from any concerns of
      utility or synthetic systemitization.

      To this end, which we believe to be the proper concern of Tolkienian
      linguistics as a scholarly endeavor, _Tengwestië_ eschews all efforts
      aimed at obscuring either the differences or similarities of Tolkien's
      languages across the stages of their conceptual development, and all
      prescriptive approaches or assertions regarding their supposed degrees
      of "usefulness" or "maturity" (terms that have no place in lingusitics
      or scholarship). Instead, our aim and method is purely descriptive,
      accepting all the information that Tolkien provided concerning his
      art-languages, comprising both the attested and hypothetical forms and
      grammatical devices he invented for them and his own descriptions of
      their nature, features, and processes, at face value, and as equally
      valid, valuable, and interesting; and basing all our exploration,
      discussion, and claims upon this evidence.

      The _Tengwestië_ site is designed and coded in strict conformance with
      the open standards of the World Wide Web Consortium, including
      validated XHTML Strict markup and CSS styling. The degree to which your
      browser supports these standards will determine how well the articles
      and other pages will display. For information regarding the system
      requirements for the site, and on obtaining a PDF version of each
      article published in _Tengwestië_, see:


      I thank you for your interest in _Tengwestië_, and hope that you will
      join us in our exploration.

      =========================================================================================Carl F. Hostetter Aelfwine@... http://www.elvish.org

      ho bios brachys, he de techne makre.
      Ars longa, vita brevis.
      The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne.
      "I wish life was not so short," he thought. "Languages take such
      a time, and so do all the things one wants to know about."
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