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Re: [Lambengolmor] German Translations

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  • Hans Georg Lundahl
    ... What about the Shires of the Carolingian Empire encompassing both France and Germany (contemporary to the Shires in KIng Alfred s England)? That would be a
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 25, 2003
      David Kiltz <dkiltz@...> wrote:

      > We see two things here:
      > 1) _Shire_ ('cut-out part of a territory') and _Gau_ aren't that close
      > after all. It is true that G. _Gau_ is often used to translate Latin
      > _pagus_ in reference to ancient Gaul. This is still the case. Other
      > than that, though, the usage of _Gau_ as an administrative unit is
      > typical only for the 3rd Reich, contrary to that of 'Shire'. Other than
      > that, the word is used for landscapes (Landschaften) only, cf. _Das
      > Allgäu_ (dialectal variant _Gäu_ for _Gau_).

      What about the Shires of the Carolingian Empire encompassing both
      France and Germany (contemporary to the Shires in KIng Alfred's
      England)? That would be a very close parallel to the Shire in
      Arthedain, as well as being the source for the Nazi use of _Gau_.

      > Lastly, I might say, that _Auenland_ is not a bad choice at all because
      > _Aue_ conveys an idea of tranquility and peace (at least to me). Once
      > again it becomes apparent that Ms Carroux has, for the most part, done
      > a very good job.

      The Shire was tranquil enough after the battle where Golfimbul was
      beheaded (by Bandobras Took?), but not when it got its name,
      which was a period of war with the Witchking Angmar.

      Hans Georg Lundahl

      Höstrusk och grå moln - köp en resa till solen på Yahoo! Resor

      [I have allowed this discussion on Lambengolmor because it grew out
      of a discussion that began in the pages of _Vinyar Tengwar_, and I
      want to encourage the use of this list as a forum for _VT_ readers to
      discuss its contents. However, I'm having second thoughts about this
      particular topic, as it is removed from issues of Tolkien's invented
      languages. It is unfortunately all too often the case that Internet
      discussion lists drift far off topic; and the only effective remedy for
      this has proven to be strict moderation to keep discussions on point.
      I am therefore going to draw this thread to a close, and formulate the
      policy that future discussion of Tolkien in translation on this list should
      focus on how the elements of Tolkien's invented languages are treated
      with in translation. That being said, I _strongly_ encourage someone
      to step forward to initiate and moderate a new discussion list devoted
      to the broader issues of translating Tolkien's works. CFH]
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