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Re: _hr-_ in Quenya

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  • Petri Tikka
    ... Without the example _Hristo_
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 7, 2003
      Pavel Iosad tence:

      > Petri Tikka wrote:
      > > Yes, there was probably no _kr-_ in PQ, or at later stages before
      > > Quenya. I mean possible loan words, since the cluster couldn't be
      > > understood. By analogy with the only similar example _sr-_, initial
      > > unvoiced consonant followed by _r_, _kr-_ would be changed to _hr-_.
      > It could be lost altogether.

      Without the example _Hristo_ < _Christus_ (VT44:16,18), that would
      be a convincing arguement. The example is what I base my hypothesis on,
      otherwise that would be perfectly sensible and expectable. Please
      remember the previous posts of a thread, arguments don't exist
      without context.

      > It might be noted that the only non-Eldarin language from which Quenya
      > is known to have borrowed is Khuzdul

      Only Khuzdul? What about _María_ < Latin _Maria_ (VT43:28)?

      [There is also Valarin; see XI:397-407. -- PHW]

      >(well, there's the Druedain - what

      And what a surprise! That language does have a "consonant cluster in
      anlaut": _Drughu_ (UT:385).

      > would you suggest the Quenya borrowing be, BTW?),

      I was writing about _Hristo_, or this thread wouldn't have arisen.

      [To answer Pavel's (perhaps rhetorical) question -- _Drughu_
      was adopted into Q. as _Rú_ and _Rúatan_, pl. _Rúatani_
      (UT:385 n.6). Compare this to DARÁK- > _*d'râk_, which
      yielded Q. _ráka_ 'wolf' (V:354). -- PHW]

      > and no attested Khuzdul word has a consonant cluster in anlaut. Neither
      > do most Semitic languages, by the way.

      That's not relevant, since Quenya is known to have borrowed from Latin
      and Greek, internally or externally (of Tolkien's fiction).

      Petri Tikka Helsinki, Finland
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