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Q _rie, ríe, ría_

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  • Kloczko
    In Ety, in The Shibboleth of Feanor and D59 we find the root RIG- meaning twine, wreath . In Ety as printed the word meaning crown, garland in Q. is rie
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2009
      In Ety, in "The Shibboleth of Feanor" and D59 we find the root RIG-
      meaning "'twine, wreath".

      In Ety as printed the word meaning "crown, garland" in Q. is rie
      (short i). Later corrected in Ety 46, p. 11 as having long í : ríe.

      But in D59 (Parma 17:182) the word is printed with a short i rie and
      the word in Ety. on the same page is given with a short i too.

      In PM:347 we find not rie or ríe but ría instead, which could be a
      misprint for ríe but then the etymon is there printed *rîgâ.

      So am I right if I assume that it is ríe only which is the "correct"
      word for "garland, wreath, crown" in Quenya ? Or is the reading in
      "The Shibboleth of Feanor" certain and what about rie in D59 ?

      Thank you,

      Edouard Kloczko

      [I have just checked my photocopy of the ms., and the form _rië_
      with short _i_ in PE17:182 is correct. However, the accompanying
      editorial cross-reference to _rie_ in the Etymologies is in error,
      since as you point out the correct reading in Etym. (given in the
      A&C, VT 46) is _ríe_.

      I don't have photocopies of the ms. of "Shibboleth", but given that
      it was a _typescript_, the chance that the final _-a_ is erroneous
      in Q, T _ría_ and _*rîgâ_ in the published text seems vanishingly small.

      So not surprisingly, there _is_ no "correct" form meaning 'garland,
      wreath, crown' in Quenya -- the word was _rie_, _ríe_, or _ría_ at
      varying times during Tolkien's life. -- PHW]
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