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PE17 errata

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  • Fredrik
    1) PE17:140 - For The last for lines read The last four lines . 2) On PE17:138 we read: This original association with speaking would however help to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2007
      1) PE17:140 - For 'The last for lines' read 'The last
      four lines'.

      2) On PE17:138 we read: "This original association with
      'speaking' would however help to explain how the
      derived adjective _kwend(i)ja_ was partic[ularly]
      applied to the way of _speaking_ characteristic of the
      Quendi. And he[nce] appears to mean that _Quendya_ is
      actually only found as the name of a language, and the
      only one known to exist when the word was first made."

      It should be noted that a very close parallel to the
      second sentence is found in Appendix D to _Quendi and
      Eldar_: "Pengolodh the Loremaster of Eressëa says, in
      his _Lammas_ or Account of Tongues, that _Quenya_
      meant properly 'language, speech', and was the oldest
      word for this meaning. This is not a statement based
      on tradition, but an opinion of Pengolodh; and he
      appears to mean only that _Quendya_, _Quenya_ is
      actually never recorded except as the name of a
      language, and that language was the only one known to
      exist when this word was first made" (XI:393).

      Thus it seems clear that the editorial expansion
      'he[nce]' is in fact incorrect, and that 'he' refers
      to Pengolodh. Delete "[nce]" and add reference to WJ:393.

      Also, the connection between the text quoted on
      PE17:138 and the preceding notes (a connection
      suggested by the phrase _queta quenya_, as noted by
      the editor) is further strengthened.

      Merry Christmas!

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