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Re: [Lambengolmor] Vocalisation of implosive stops in Noldorin and Sindarin

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  • Jerome Colburn
    ... [...] ... To which can be added S _luin_ blue , singular in _Mindolluin_ (LR:600), plural in _Ered Luin_ (LR:map 1). The change to _ui_ left the name of
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      At 05:49 PM 10/3/2007, BertrandBellet75@... wrote:

      >After _u_, the vocalisation is generally _û_ or _u_ in Noldorin.
      >¤_lugni_ "blue" > N lhûn, Q lúne (V:370)
      >*_luktâ-_ "enchant" > N lhûtha-, Q luhta- (V:370 corrected in VT45:29)
      >¤_suglu_ "goblet" > N sûl, Q súlo (V:388)
      >*_suktu_ or *_suktô_ "draught" > N sûth, Q suhto (V:388)
      >ON _tulugme_ "support, prop" > N tulu (V:395)


      >For in Sindarin, ui is seen:
      >*_gruktâ-_ "terrify" > S gruitha- (XI:415)
      >*_luktiâ-_ "quench" > S_ #luithia-_ in _uluithiad_ "unquenchable", literally
      >"without quenching" (IX:62)
      >*_nuktâ-_ "stunt" > S _nuitha-_, Q _nuhta-_ (XI:413)

      To which can be added S _luin_ "blue", singular in _Mindolluin_ (LR:600),
      plural in _Ered Luin_ (LR:map 1). The change to _ui_ left the name of the
      river _Lhûn_ (LR:1134, map 1) unexplained; in his last years Tolkien tried
      various roots that did not satisfy him, eventually resorting to Khuzdûl
      (VT48:24, 26-29).

      _luin_ "pale" appears as Doriathrin in V:370 s.v. LUG2-, and in the name
      _Draugluin_ as early as the 1925-1931 Lay of Leithian (III:205).

      [Also cf. the deleted base LUY- in the A&C, whence Q. _luina_, Dor. _luin_
      'pale', the latter also in _Mabluin_ 'pale-hand' (VT45:30). In the early
      occurrence of _Draugluin_ Jerome cites above, the meaning of _luin_ must
      also be 'pale', for Lúthien's lengthening spell in the early Lay refers to
      "the tail of Draugluin the werewolf pale". The phonology of this early _luin_
      'pale' was apparently quite different from its later incarnation -- the early
      "Noldorin Word-list" in PE 13 includes _lhui_ 'pale' < *_sleiwa_, = Q. _laiwa_,
      T. _líva_, Ilk. _slíw_ (p. 149), and also _mablui_ 'pale-handed' (ibid.).
      -- PHW]

      The _lhûn/luin_ issue was discussed in 1996 on TolkLang beginning at 17.45,
      but without the *_ukt_ > _uith_ examples now cited by Bernard being brought
      to bear, although they had been published.

      -- Jerome Colburn
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