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  • F.S.
    Thanks for an issue of _VT_ well worth waiting for. According to VT49:15, the element _-la_ in _pella_ beyond (the borders of) (R:66) is identified as _lá_
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2007
      Thanks for an issue of _VT_ well worth waiting for.

      According to VT49:15, the element _-la_ in _pella_
      'beyond (the borders of)' (R:66) is identified as _lá_
      'beyond' in 'late writings'. While this does not come
      as a surprise, I would have thought that the first
      element of _pella_ was some derivative of the base PEL
      (or PELES, V:380), meaning 'border', given the gloss
      in R.

      However, on VT49:31 Patrick writes that the etymology
      of _pella_ appears in the context of 'notes on
      consonant + nasal combinations'. This sounds as if the
      true etymon of _pella_ is *pen+la; or could it be

      Do the references to an etymology of _pella_ on
      VT49:15 and VT49:31 refer to the same source?


      [Two quite different sources are referred to in the citations
      mentioned by Fredrik.

      The "late writings" referred to in VT49:15 consist of a bundle
      of texts (containing over twenty sides) in which Tolkien
      attempts to work out a satisfactory etymology of _pella_
      'beyond (the borders of)'. These notes, placed in the boxfile
      "Quenya G", were probably written at various times, but most
      of them appear to be quite late -- one of them was dated
      1971 by Tolkien. The etymologies proposed in these texts
      often differ in detail, but the last element in _pella_ is
      frequently identified as _lá_ 'beyond', and the first element
      is often derived from a root PEL-, which is said to have the
      same general sense and associations seen in the bases PEL-,
      PEL(ES)- in the _Etymologies_.

      The slip of paper cited in VT49:31 is _not_ among the bundle
      of texts just described, being found instead in a brown folder
      placed in the boxfile "Quenya C" -- see the description in
      VT49:3. The etymology of _pella_ occupies the recto of this
      slip, and does not involve any consonant + nasal combination;
      the "notes on consonant + nasal combinations" are found
      instead on the _verso_ of the slip, along with the "germ" of
      the Ambidexters Sentence.

      I hope this clarifies the situation. -- PHW]
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