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  • Andrew Higgins
    I m wondering about Taliska. I asked Adam Tolkien at the London launch of _Children of Húrin_ about the status of Tolkien s unpublished grammar and he did not
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2007
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      I'm wondering about Taliska. I asked Adam Tolkien at the London launch of
      _Children of Húrin_ about the status of Tolkien's unpublished grammar and
      he did not think there was much there. I noticed on the web that a paper on
      Taliska was given by Carl Hostetter at a lanaguage conference. Will this paper
      and the grammar be made available perhaps in a future _VT_ or _Parma_?

      [As I think is already known, Tolkien developed the grammar of Taliska to a
      high degree (relative to that to which he developed the grammar of other of
      his languages aside from Qenya/Quenya and Goldogrin/Noldorin/Sindarin):
      far more so than, e.g., Adunaic of Khuzdul. But the grammar of Taliska is
      deeply intertwined with the grammar and vocabulary of the Elvish languages
      as they stood at the time of its composition -- a fact that was not so readily
      apparent when we first received it, since at that time we'd only gotten a
      handful of other texts -- and really must be given at a time when it can be
      presented within that context: i.e., when the appropriate stage is reached in
      the chronological presentation of Tolkien's Elvish papers.

      The paper I prepared and presented during an ELFcon was nothing more
      than an index to all the Taliska vocabulary cited within the Taliska grammar,
      with some speculative notes on Elvish connections. So no, it won't be
      published separately, as the eventual publication of the entire grammar --
      again, in due course and context -- will supercede it.]

      Also, is there any chance _Parma_ 12 (the _Qenyaquesta_) will be republished?

      [Questions regarding the availability of _Parma Eldalamberon_ should be
      addressed directly to its editor and publisher, Christopher Gilson, at
      <harpwire@...> . CFH]

      Thanks, Andy
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