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997Re: [Lambengolmor] _i·rendi tapatenda_

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  • Harm J. Schelhaas
    Mar 21, 2007
      Op Wo, 21 maart, 2007 11:55 am schreef lambengolmor@yahoogroups.com:

      > Posted by: "Helios De Rosario Martínez" helios_drm@... helios_drm
      > Date: Tue Mar 20, 2007 7:49 pm ((PDT))
      > I find it odd that the metaphorical sense of a "light-fingered family" would
      > be "thieves". Has anyone some explanation for this? Or is there another
      > possible etymology for _i·rendi_ in _i·rendi tapatenda_ = 'thieves'?

      In Dutch, a relatively common way of referring to thieves as a group, an
      (under)class of humanity in a manner of speaking, is "het dievengilde",
      meaning "the guild of thieves" or "the brotherhood of thieves". So referring
      to them as a "family" or rather "kindred" does not seem odd to me. And a
      "light-fingered kindred" rather comes across as a not too distant relation of
      a "grabby guild"; even where "grijpgraag gilde" is not commonly found in
      Dutch, it will be readily understood by all Dutch as meaning "thieves".


      Harm J. Schelhaas
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