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988Omentielva Nelya

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  • Bill Welden
    Jan 10, 2007
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      Fellow Tolkien scholars --

      Would you like to host Omentielva Nelya?

      This year's conference (Omentielva Tatya) will be held in Antwerp.
      One of the last things we will do there is choose the location and the
      committee which will hold Omentielva Nelya in 2009.

      If you would like to bid on hosting Omentielva Nelya, please drop me a
      note at billw@... .

      We encourage creativity in designing Omentielva. You will pick the
      chairman and, if you like, a theme for the conference. At the same
      time, we expect Omentielva to be run in collaboration with a local
      university and to be primarily about the presentation of submitted
      papers. In order to insure a stylistically coherent series of
      proceedings, we ask that Beregond be responsible for their publication.

      It will speak well for your bid if you have a local group of people
      interested in Tolkien who are willing to help in preparing for and
      running the conference. Inexpensive accommodations will help the
      people who have stretched their budget to find their way there. We
      will almost certainly want to get to know you at the Antwerp
      conference; and for you to get to know Omentielva first hand before
      putting one on.

      We'll be here to help with bidding and, for the committee that is
      selected, with putting on a great conference.

      A small group of dedicated people made Omentielva work once. It is now
      up to our community (which is to say: you) to make it into an on-going

      I look forward to helping you all to make that happen.