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968Gnomish _saib_

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  • ejk@free.fr
    Nov 13, 2006
      In looks to me that the Gnomish noun _saib_ a "boat", according to the Gnomish
      Lexicon, p. 66, should read "boot" instead. It comes from the root Sayap- and
      in the Qenyaqetsa p. 82 from it we have Eldarissa _saipo_ "a boot".

      Funny that in Ety. the translation from the related root SKYAP- was also misread
      "shore", instead of "shoe".


      Edouard Kloczko

      [I have checked my photocopies of the GL ms., and yes the gloss of
      _saib_ should read "boot". Thanks for catching this! It also appears that
      the root SAYAP cited in this same entry has a dot over the Y, though this
      is not indicated in the published text. -- PHW]
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