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959Re: [Lambengolmor] Rhotacism and stress (was Re: "Tolkien in Oxford")

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  • Pavel Iosad
    Nov 6, 2006

      > Hm. I thought the stress in _Mondósaresse_ would lie on the _e_
      > preceding the double consonant _ss_ (according to the
      > pronunciation rules as for example given in the Appendices of
      >_LotR_, although the example given there involves double _n_)?

      This is the realm of guesswork: the rule, as given, does imply that we
      could have _s_/_r_ alternations in the paradigm relative to stress
      (witness similar developments in Germanic due to Werner's law with
      rhotacised and non-rhotacised forms coinhabiting the same paradigm, as
      in OIcel _kjósa_, participle _kørinn_ 'to choose'). Indeed the very
      word _ósanwe_ could be expected to exhibit this alternation, of
      course. However, since no examples are provided by Tolkien, it is
      rather pointless to speculate whether the paradigm would be levelled
      to follow the nominative or remain true to the historical phonology;
      what we can do is only note that something like that could be

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