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958Re: [Lambengolmor] "Tolkien in Oxford"

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  • Beregond. Anders Stenström
    Nov 6, 2006
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      I wrote:

      > With some luck, the reproduction in the printed catalogue is
      > large enough to allow a more certain reading.

      The catalogue has arrived, and everything is legible. The
      words above the second line of tengwar are:

      "In Elvish language
      & script"

      The note in green reads:

      "Here are some specimens. A is a transliteration
      of English. But this happens not to be very decorative
      and lacks the XX <a-tehta> = a. B is a translation
      into Elvish (Quenya)"

      XX is a deleted "de", apparently the start of a
      repetitious "decorative". The a-tehta is underlined.

      (For the final note, in black, see Carl's reading
      earlier in this thread.)


      Beregond, Anders Stenstr�m
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