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952Re: Query: the pre-Cambrian layer

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  • William Cloud Hicklin
    Nov 2, 2006
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      > [The short answer is "No, not systematically". ...
      > However, in the Foreward to the Qenya Phonology and Lexicon, the
      > editors do include a detailed chronological comparison of forms in the
      > Lexicon with those in the Lost Tales, the Phonology, and The Poetic
      > and Mythologic Words of Eldarissa;

      Right. Then can a reasonably firm date be assigned to "The Poetic
      and Mythologic Words of Eldarissa," and can it serve as a
      "snapshot" in time?

      [Quoting from PE12:xx-xxi: "These name lists [to the "Story of Tuor" and
      _The Fall of Gondolin_] show indirectly that PME itself must date from after
      the composition of _The Fall of Gondolin_ in 1916-17 but before the
      _Tuor B_ version, probably no later than 1918, and certainly before the
      emendations Tolkien made for his reading of the story in the spring of
      1920." CFH]

      I'm enquiring because I've become interested in what scraps might
      be excavated from the very earliest layer: the pre-Somme period
      of the early poems, even before Gnomish and the _Lost Tales_.

      [You'll want to be sure to have a look at John Garth's book,
      _Tolkien and the Great War_, who examines just such issues. CFH]

      [-- William Hicklin

      Gentle reminder to all list members: please sign all of your posts
      with your (real) name. CFH]
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