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948"Earendel" and the pre-'31 Oxford texts,

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  • Ugo Truffelli
    Nov 1, 2006
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      My passion for Tolkien languages (especially Q(u)enya) has brought
      me to the land of the "external-evolution" lovers; even if when I
      started (6 years ago) to study Quenya my aim was to "compose", after
      3 years I've changed my mind, prefering the scholary aspect.

      Especially I've found that the '25-'31 texts haven't had an entire
      reanalysis since the early '90s, even if the "enormous" corpus of
      Qenya published in the last 10 years could lead to a better analysis.

      Some days ago I decided to start this "big" work, not only a
      complete and anlaysis of the "artic sentence", OM1, OM2, "_Nieninque_"
      and "_Earendel_"; but also a reconstruction of the grammatical structure
      in this period of the evolution of Qenya, making comparison with the
      "Bodleian Declension", referenced BD (which is so close to the texts,
      that it's possible to think it more or less contemporary, at least 4
      years before the 1936) and the EQG (very important source), and with
      QL EQD and Etym. I hope to have it finished before the _Omentielva
      Tatya_, in order to send it.

      So far I've completed only the analysis of "_Earendel_" (MC:216),
      however comparison with the other texts have been made. I write here
      only the most relevant features (without long analysis where
      not "surprising"), a better (also for the english :-) ) and longer
      analysis will be provided in the final article. I would like to know
      your views, comments,sugestions and critics, as most of you are far
      more expert than me!

      Even if they are only working notes, the ensemble is quite long, so
      for the sake of this list (and for our eyes) I've put it in html
      here: <http://it.geocities.com/elistir/lambi/earendel.htm>

      So... what do you think?

      Ugo Truffelli