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945The meaning of the Q. adj. eldalluva

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  • laurifindil
    Oct 30, 2006
      _I ner eldalluva_ EQG:47 and 79 is translated "The man from the
      Elves". This translation is not clear for me. Does it mean "That
      Elvish Man", e.g. the usual way of saying (or ? a formal way) "A
      male Elf", because the adj. _Eldarin_ could not be applied to
      persons ? Any thought ?


      Edouard Kloczko

      [The only real clue we have is that _-lluva_ is the adjectival
      form of the ablative suffix _-llo_ 'from, out of', as in _kiryallo_
      'from on board', _kallo_ 'from the top (of)', etc. We can only
      assume that _eldalluva_ would be used in those contexts in
      which the literal meaning 'from the Elves, out of the Elves' would
      make sense or be applicable -- for example, _i ner eldalluva_
      might appropriately refer to an emissary sent by the Elves in
      the context of a meeting ("The man from the Elves raised several
      objections before the council"). -- PHW]