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939Re: "Tolkien in Oxford"

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  • Florian Dombach
    Oct 28, 2006
      Just a minor correction:

      For me the first word of the Elvish greeting (inscribed by Tolkien in
      the copy of _The Fellowship of the Ring_ being auctioned) reads neither
      "_elen_" nor "_elem_", as stated on the DTS site, but in fact "_elme_",
      but I will leave it to the Quenya experts to judge if this may have been
      Tolkien's intention or just a double mistake.

      Florian Dombach

      [You are quite correct that the first word is actually written as
      "_elme_". I have no doubt that this was a mistake on Tolkien's
      part, not intentional. As I mentioned previously, Tolkien was
      making this inscription for the cameras, and not at his leisure,
      accounting for the missed and subsequently inserted "_l├║menna_"
      and, no doubt, this misspelling as well. CFH]
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