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  • laurifindil
    Oct 28, 2006
      Sindacollo is according to Christopher Tolkien one of the names
      of Elu-thingol in Quenya in his "Silmarillion" (1977).
      But in HOME the name is always spelled _Sindicollo_; see HOME XII
      - Index.

      The "normal" form of the Q. adjective according to "Quendi and
      Eldar" (XI:384) is _sinde/thinde_, not _sinda_, which is a
      personalised form of that adj. (cf. "Sindar : the name (…) was
      derived from (…) _sinde_" ibidem), being the name given to certain
      Elves, even through _sinda_ is used as an adj. in the Namárie
      elegy, cf. "sinda-noriello".

      So _Sindacollo_ is not grammatically wrong in Q. as far as we can
      see. ;-)

      With the name Q. _Melyanna_, this _Sindacollo_ is the last piece of
      information in the Appendix of "The Silmarillion" (1977) that we cannot
      pinpoint to a precise source in one of JRR Tolkien's linguistic writings.

      Any chance of seeing this piece untangled in a future Vinyar

      [I will keep an eye out for an attestation of either of these forms in
      the mss., and will note it here if I succeed in finding them. -- PHW]


      E. Kloczko