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933Re: [Lambengolmor] "Tolkien in Oxford"

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Oct 27, 2006
      Thanks to Anders for passing along notice of this very interesting

      I can add one bit of information not mentioned in the exhibit
      catalogue, which is that the accompanying copy of _The Fellowship of
      the Ring_, inscribed by Tolkien (in _tengwar_) with "_elen síla
      lúmenna omentielvo_" (this was 1968, so the change from inclusive _-
      lmo_ to _-lvo_ had been made some years ago), appears to be the very
      copy that Tolkien is shown inscribing in the "Tolkin in Oxford"
      documentary itself. Although I've never seen that documentary, parts
      of it were excerpted for the 1996 documentary (filmed in 1992),
      "J.R.R.T.: A Film Portrait of J.R.R. Tolkien", and it includes part
      of this scene, showing Tolkien beginning the inscription, reaching
      _omentielvo_ and realizing he's left out _lúmenn'_, saying something
      like "Oh, I've made a mistake, haven't I?", and then inserting
      _lúmenna_ above the line.

      Regarding the letter with the two _tengwar_ inscriptions, A "Tolkien
      in Oxford" and B "_arcastar mondósaresse_" (<< _arkastar_):

      The note Tolkien wrote above the second inscription appears to read:

      "in Elvish language [? script]"

      The note in green at the bottom of the sheet appears to read:

      "[?Shown over] some explanations. A is a transliteration of English,
      [?that thus] happens not to be very decorative [?since lacking] the [?
      <a-_tehta_> = a]. B is a translation into Elvish (Quenya)"

      The final note, in black, reads:

      "NB the vowel signs i, e, a, o, u <corresponding _tehta_ above each
      vowel> are placed _after_ the consonant which they follow in speech."

      I was also going to provide some initial thoughts on the two new Quenya
      words, Roman Rausch's message came in as I was writing them, so I'll just
      add a few points to his comments.
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