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921Re: [Lambengolmor] Analysis of _Eccuilë_ and _Eremar_

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  • Jerome Colburn
    Jul 11, 2006
      At 08:37 AM 7/3/06, Philipp Marquart wrote:

      >Another possibility for explaining _Eccuilë_ would be an intensive
      >prefix: VT45:11 mentions the intensive prefix _e-_ as in _Ender_, the
      >surname of Tulkas. Yet, this is said to be only applied when the
      >base vowel is also _e_. How would that fit together with _Eccuilë_?
      >Due to the fact that the base vowel of _cuilë_ would be _u_ (s. a.
      >above) we would rather think of something like **_uccuilë_.
      >Fortunately we have another example, which agrees that this is not
      >necessarily the case, in _ekkaira_ *"most far away" (KHAYA-, V:364).
      >In VT45:21 it is supposed that this may be an "?int[ensive]" form of
      >_haira_ "remote, far".

      ...although that too looks like a compound in *_et-_ with intensive meaning
      (*"out far away" > "farthest away").

      The commonly encountered formation that preposes the base vowel (_Aman,
      Anár, Isil, Ender, Indis_, etc.) does not double the first consonant of the

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