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916Re: Forgotten Words of Elvish: Trotter's Noldorin names (Part 1)

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  • Roman Rausch
    Jun 30, 2006
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      >theses names have apparently remained unanalyzed and
      >undiscussed by scholars. It's time to take a step or
      >two to remedy that oversight.

      Actually, some steps were already taken half a year ago, here:


      And here:


      Both discussions can be easily found via Google.
      The latter is in German, but in both the proposal is made to relate
      _Rimbedir_ to RIM- (V:383) (whence N. _rhemb_, _rhem_ 'frequent,
      numerous' -- in this case the compound may prevent a-affection
      _i_ > _e_), i.e. it could mean *'he who walks often', *'he who walks
      a lot'. That may be not a literal translation of 'Trotter', but such a
      nickname would certainly fit the personage.

      There are also other suggestions for _Padathir_.

      Roman R.

      [Many thanks for pointing out these discussions -- my apologies to
      the authors involved for overlooking their contributions!

      The possibility of RIM- *'frequent, numerous' being the source of
      the first element in _Rimbedir_ had occurred to me as well, but
      N. _rhim-_ 'rushing' struck me as more probable, given that 'Rush-walker'
      would be a very close approximation of the meaning of English _Trotter_.

      I see that in the first of the two links provided above, "Atwe" notes
      that his first impression of _Padathir_ was that it might be "*_pada-dir_ >
      _padadhir_, and maybe Tolkien found _dh_ 'uncouth' so changed it to
      _th_" -- so a tip of the hat to Atwe for first coming up with the dissimilative
      interpretation of the ending _-thir_. He also notes that the ending might
      be _hîr_ 'lord', "but then I cannot explain the 't'."

      I will be happy indeed if my kvetching about "Forgotten Words of Elvish"
      has helped in some small way to stimulate such discussions. Let's keep
      up the good work! -- PHW]
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