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876_Vinyar Tengwar_ 48 forthcoming

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Dec 28 8:57 AM
      This 36-page issue features the second part of "_Eldarin Hands,
      Fingers & Numerals_ and Related Writings", itself a four-part
      collection of late texts (c. 1968) by J.R.R. Tolkien, compiled and
      edited by Patrick H. Wynne. Part I, presenting _Eldarin Hands,
      Fingers & Numerals_ (HFN) proper, was published last issue. Part II,
      "Synopsis of Pengoloð's _Eldarinwe Leperi are Notessi_" (ELN),
      provides parallel Eldarin forms of the adult and children's finger-
      names and the numerals 1-12, and an account of this document's rescue
      from the destruction of Númenor; ELN also features two appendices,
      one presenting four brief texts on the etymology of the Quenya
      numerals 6, 11, and 12, and the other a late note on Quenya
      fractions. Part III, "Variation D/L in Common Eldarin", sheds more
      light on Eldarin base structure (particularly regarding issues of
      homophony), and gives a surprising etymology of _Lhûn_, a river-name
      explored in further detail by the editor in "The Problem of _Lhûn_".
      All of these texts are supplemented in the editorial notes by
      extensive citations drawn from Tolkien's contemporary unpublished
      writings. The concluding Part IV will be presented next issue.

      _VT_ 48 is currently at the printers, and should be mailed to
      subscribers early in January.

      For further information on _Vinyar Tengwar_, including ordering
      information, see:

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