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874Rúmilian numerals

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  • Helios De Rosario Martinez
    Dec 11, 2005
      Dear _Lambengolmor_ members,

      I would be pleased to receive your comments about an article on Rúmilian
      numerals, that the moderators have made available as a PDF at the Files area
      of the _Lambengolmor_ list:


      This is an issue of which I have found no analysis, in fact hardly any mention,
      at discussion lists or other sources of interest. So any kind of remark,
      complementary or alternative point of view, or maybe the help of a more skillful
      searcher of resources, would be of great value.


      This article examines the numeral system of the "Alphabet of Rúmil", edited
      by Arden R. Smith in _Parma Eldalamberon_ no. 13. This system is described
      in five tables written within the span of one year (January 1921 - January
      1922), where numerals are represented with characters the greatest part of
      which also have phonemic values. An analysis and comparison of the tables
      is carried out, stressing on possible graphic and phonemic patterns in their
      arrangement, and contrasting it with other published information about the
      Eldarin conception of numerals, which may eventually lead to some insight
      into the principles of the system.
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