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867Re: Hammond and Scull, _LotR: A Reader's Companion_

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  • Wayne G. Hammond
    Nov 28 7:49 PM
      Carl wrote:

      > I should also note that this book is keyed to the new "50th
      > Anniversary" ed. of _LotR_, newly available in paperback featuring a
      > greatly expanded new index, also compiled by Hammond and Scull,

      Houghton Mifflin have issued this also in one-volume hardcover, and
      HarperCollins have it in three volumes, hardcover and paperback. The
      2005 printing has some further corrections as well as the new index.

      Christina and I were in a Barnes & Noble the other day, looking at the
      Tolkien shelves, when one of the sales clerks came over, talking to
      someone on the phone who wanted a particular edition of _The Lord of
      the Rings_. The caller couldn't adequately describe what he wanted, and
      the poor clerk didn't know her Tolkien well enough to figure it out. In
      the end, despite our attempt to help, both caller and clerk gave it up.
      Part of the problem was that the shop had _ten different editions_ of
      LR on sale: red "Collector's Edition"; one-volume Alan Lee-illustrated;
      three-volume Alan Lee-illustrated hardcover; old three-volume trade
      paperback; old one-volume trade paperback; new three-volume trade
      paperback; Ballantine paperbacks in a box with _The Hobbit_; the deluxe
      50th anniversary edition from last year; and the new one-volume
      hardcover and paperback editions. Caveat emptor!

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