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861New _Tengwestië_ article: "Light and Tree" by Helios De Rosario Martinez

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Nov 22, 2005
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      I am very pleased to announce the publication of a new article in
      _Tengwestië_, the online journal of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship:

      "Light and Tree: A Survey Through the External History of Sindarin"

      by Helios De Rosario Martinez


      "This article is a descriptive study of two etymological families of
      words, related to either light and/or trees, and of their changes
      through the external history of the Welsh-inspired Elvish language,
      from early Gnomish to late Sindarin. Some of the studied words
      meaning or related to 'light' came from the root _gal-_, variant of
      _kal-_, in the first stages; from both _kal-_ and _gal-_ in medial
      stages; and from _kal-_ and _ñal-_ (this probably in substitution
      of _gal-_) in the latest stages. The phonological development of the
      studied language caused words derived from these distinct roots to
      become very similar or identical in some circumstances, as
      happens in the form _galad_, which could come from either Eldarin
      *_kalata_, *_galata_ or _ñalata_. On the other hand, some of the
      studied words meaning or related to 'tree' are cognates of Q(u)enya
      _alda_, and at least in the earliest stages of Gnomish and in the years
      following the writing of _The Etymologies_ had an initial _g-_, thus
      being the source of further confusion, especially in the case of the
      term _galadh_, in some texts spelt likewise _galad_. The doubtful
      cases and the conceptual changes affecting them are examined,
      especially for the names _Galadriel_ and _Gil-galad_, whose
      etymology and meaning was changed though retaining their form.
      Some editorial decisions of Christopher Tolkien related to this matter
      when compiling the Appendix to _The Silmarillion_ are also considered."

      The article can be reached from the _Tengwestië_ homepage at:


      or directly at:


      A PDF version of the article is available at: