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859Re: [Lambengolmor] Re: Nurn and the Sea of Núrnen / Nûrnen

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  • ejk@free.fr
    Nov 21, 2005
      "Wayne G. Hammond" wrote :

      > Edouard wrote:
      > > In the first edition of LOTR, the name is spelt _Nûrnen_ in Book 6,
      > > Ch. V. However, on the general map it is "Sea of Nurnen". "Sea of
      > > Núrnen" appears on the general map in the second edition. Who put
      > > in the accent? J.R.R. Tolkien? C. Tolkien?
      > In the copies of the first edition on our shelves, the name is
      > printed in the text _Núrnen_, with an acute accent, not with a
      > circumflex.

      Sorry about the ref. but I was referring to _Nûrnen_ as printed in the
      chapter "The Black Gate is Closed", first edition, p. 244 (my copy 11th

      > It has no accent on the map, but Christopher followed the
      > usage on his father's working maps, which (according to Christopher's
      > redrawings and comments in _The History of Middle-earth_) themselves
      > had _Nurnen_, without accent.

      The original map by J.R.R. Tolkien has _Nûrnen_ (either with a circumflex
      or a macron, it is not clear). And in VIII:127, n. 5 there is _Nûrnen_.

      Thanks for your answer.

      So the mystery still remains... :-)

      elfiquement vôtre,

      Edouard Kloczko
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