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85_Vinyar Tengwar_ 44 published

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Jun 27, 2002
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      I am pleased to announce on behalf of my colleagues and myself the
      publication of _Vinyar Tengwar_ 44.

      This 40-page issue features the second part (of two) of a presentation and
      analysis of five hitherto unpublished Quenya texts by J.R.R. Tolkien (see
      _VT_ 43 for part one), concluding with the _Sub Tuum Praesidium_
      (_Ortírielyanna_) and the Litany of Loreto. This issue also presents
      Tolkien's (partial) Sindarin translation of the _Pater Noster_ (_Ae Adar
      Nín_), edited and analyzed by Bill Welden; and Tolkien's (partial) Quenya
      translations of the _Gloria in Excelsis Deo_ (_Alcar mi Tarmenel na Erun_),
      edited and analyzed by Arden R. Smith.

      For more information on _Vinyar Tengwar_, including ordering and
      subscription information, see:


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