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845Re: Haywards, and an uzu

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  • Wayne G. Hammond
    Nov 6, 2005
      Fredrik wrote:

      > I might point out a possible misprint in this context.
      > On p. 655, entry for Hob Hayward, there is a reference
      > to a "note for p. 107". However, Hob Hayward is not
      > mentioned in the notes for page 107 (although the Hay
      > Gate is, as correctly noted in the next entry on page
      > 655 in the _Reader's Companion_). Possibly the
      > reference should read "(See also note for p. 10.)",
      > referring to the note for "haywards"?

      No, I don't think so. Too many details have passed by now to be sure,
      but I think that we meant to point to the mention of the Hay Gate. If
      we had meant the note for p. 10 we would have picked up on the
      duplication of comments on _hayward_ and dealt with it.

      > Magnus points out that *_'uzn_ as the singular
      > of _'azan_ would fit the pattern of _khuzd_ - _khazad_
      > better than _uzu_ does. Could it be that the word was
      > misread in the manuscript of the _Nomenclature_?

      Yes, it was. It should be _uzn_.

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