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825Re: _Isilme_ & _Vardilme_

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  • Patrick H. Wynne
    Oct 5, 2005
      I wrote, in commenting on David Giraudeau's query:

      > However, I think it more likely that _-me_ in _Vardilme_ is instead
      > the feminine equivalent of agentive _-mo_, seen in such names as
      > _Ulmo_ 'The Pourer, The Rainer' (S:352) and _Irmo_ 'Desirer'
      > (S:336). Also cp. (masc.) _nilmo_ 'friend' < (N)DIL- in the
      > _Etymologies_.

      I should also have noted that a clear example of this feminine
      agentive _-me_ appears in the _Etymologies_ s.v. SER- 'love, be
      fond of (of liking, friendship)': _serme_ 'friend', feminine form
      of masc. _sermo_.

      Moreover, if we are to consider it a secondary possibility that
      _Vardilme_ might end instead in the abstract ending _-me_
      (the ending _-dilme_ perhaps being a form of Q. _nilme_
      'friendship'), then we should also consider the secondary
      possibility that _Isilme_ might end in fem. _-me_, i.e., _Isilme_
      = 'Moon Woman' (Q. _Isil_ 'Moon').

      This having been said, application of Occam's Razor suggests
      that _Isilme_ is probably 'Moonlight' and _Vardilme_ probably
      means *'Devoted to Varda'.

      -- Patrick H. Wynne
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