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823Quenya at the SILF in Helsinki

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  • laurifindil
    Sep 24, 2005

      I have been invited to the SILF, which this year is hosted by the
      University of Helsinki
      http://www.helsinki.fi/romaanisetkielet/congres/index_eng.htm to
      talk about Quenya and Finnish.

      The SILF ended yesterday. About 150 linguists participated, mostly
      French, but also Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, Spanish, and Finnish (it
      was not open to the public, a few students were in).

      My talk lasted (as usual in such conferences) 20 mins. with 10 mins.
      of discussion. About 10 linguists participated, but remember that
      there were 3 conferences at the same time in other rooms. Still, I
      cannot say that it was a "big" success. But I am the only professional
      linguist in that "very special" field...

      Later on, we had a few talks and others who not knowing anything
      about the subject became quite interested in it and asked to know

      I hope to make three conferences next year, including (at least one)
      in the US.

      As far as I know, it is the first time ever that a talk about Tolkien's
      ConLang was presented at International Conf. of Linguistics.

      elfiquement vĂ´tre,

      Edouard Kloczko
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