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811Q _illo_, _illon_

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  • laurifindil
    Aug 17, 2005
      On the p. 54 of the _Early Qenya Grammar_ (in PE14) we read: "pronouns
      may also add the adverbial case endings: in this case all are treated as
      singulars except the 3 person pls. as : _nisse_, _mello_, &c.; but _(h)ullo_,
      _illo_, _tullon_, _illon_, _tussen_."

      So, should we read "_sillon_" instead of "_illon_", e.g. *"from them" (female),
      root _si-_?

      elfiquement vĂ´tre

      Edouard Kloczko

      {The forms are very clearly written as _illo_ and _illon_, respectively,
      in the manuscript. CFH]