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779Re: _The Collected Vinyar Tengwar_, vol. 5a (issues 40-46)

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Feb 16, 2005
      On further reflection, I've decided to alter the distribution of issues among the projected 5
      volumes of _The Collected Vinyar Tengwar_. The final version of each volume will contain:

      Vol. 1: Issues 1 - 10
      Vol. 2: Issues 11-20
      Vol. 3: Issues 21-30
      Vol. 4: Issues 31-40
      Vol. 5: Issues 41-50

      Note the this renders the current Vol. 5a, which currently collects issues 40-46, doubly
      provisional: When Vol. 4 is published, it will contain issue 40, so that issue will be
      removed from Vol. 5a (and thus from the eventual final version as Vol. 5). And as already
      announced, as issues 46-50 are published, they will be incorporated into revised,
      expanded versions of Vol. 5a, until it is completed as Vol. 5 with the publication and
      inclusion of issue 50.

      I would also like to note again that each volume in the series will be offered in both Perfect
      binding (i.e., as a typical paperback book) and in Coil binding (so that it will open and lie
      flat, for easier reference work). Both formats can be purchased from the E.L.F. Storefront at
      <http://www.lulu.com/ELF/> or from the _Vinyar Tengwar_ Web Shop at <http://

      I would like to reiterate/clarify the point that issues 47-50 will be published and mailed by
      myself, on the subscription model, just as before. So, if you have a subscription through
      issue 50, you need do nothing different. Only with the publication of issue 51 will things
      switch to per-issue publication and ordering through Lulu.com (not me).

      Finally, I would like to note that I've restored the list of the contents of all issues of _Vinyar
      Tengwar_ to date, also on the _Vinyar Tengwar_ Web Shop <http://www.elvish.org/VT/

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