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776_Vinyar Tengwar_ 47 forthcoming

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Feb 5, 2005
      I am pleased to announce that _Vinyar Tengwar_ 47 will be published
      later this month. _VT_ 47 presents the first half of "_Eldarin Hands,
      Fingers & Numerals_ and Related Writings", a four-part collection of
      late texts (c. 1968) by J.R.R. Tolkien, compiled and edited by Patrick
      H. Wynne. Part I presents _Eldarin Hands, Fingers & Numerals_ (HFN)
      proper, an unfinished "historical-philological" essay that provides an
      account of the Common Eldarin words for 'hand' and their descendants in
      Quenya, Telerin, and Sindarin, followed by a brief discussion of Elvish
      ambidexterity. The essay then details the Eldarin names for the fingers
      (and toes), including children’s "play-names" that treat the fingers as
      the members of an imaginary family: father, mother, and children; and
      it concludes by showing how the finger-names were closely connected
      with the development of numerical stems in Common Eldarin. Included
      after HFN is a related text on the invention of the Common Eldarin
      stems for _neter_ 9, _kanat_ 4, and _enek_ 6, which serves as a sort of
      alternative ending for the essay. Both of these texts are supplemented
      in the editorial notes by extensive citations drawn from Tolkien’s
      contemporary unpublished writings. Parts II–IV (the contents of which
      are described in the Introduction to HFN) will appear in _Vinyar
      Tengwar_ 48.

      Carl F. Hostetter

      Carl F. Hostetter Aelfwine@... http://www.elvish.org

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