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769OT: Please give

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Dec 29, 2004
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      Please forgive this off-topic post, but I wanted to let every US member
      know that Amazon.com has a page set up by which you can very easily
      make a donation to the American Red Cross in support of disaster relief
      in the wake of the horrific earthquake and resulting tsunami near
      Sumatra. Already the death toll has risen to more than 60,000, and will
      certainly rise as tens of thousands are still missing. And the epidemic
      of diseases that inevitable follow disasters of this nature have
      already begun. Please give what you can to help care for the victims of
      this terrible tragedy.


      (Note: if you are not a US member, but still have an account with
      Amazon.com in the US, you should still be able to give through this
      site. Otherwise, you may be able to give through an Amazon store in
      your own country, or nearby.)

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