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757A&C to the Etymologies : ON tuio-

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  • BertrandBellet75@aol.com
    Nov 14, 2004
      In the Etymologies, root TIW (V:394), we have the curious ON form _tuio-_
      "swell, grow fat". I wondered if this was not an error for _*tuia-_ according
      to the usual presentation of A-stem verbs (it has a Q cognate _tiuya-_ and a N
      descendant _tuio_), but nothing like is suggested in the A&C; we just learn
      that the form was originally written _tûdo-_ (macron in the source, cf.
      VT46:19). So I suppose that o is the reading of the manuscript, possibly a slip
      for a ?

      Bertrand Bellet

      [The MS reading is clearly ON _tuio-_. The fact that this form was originally
      written as _tûdo-_, also with final _-o_, seems to indicate that the final _-o_
      in its replacement _tuio-_ was NOT a slip. Also note the primitive stem
      *_olro-_ (emended to *_olsa-_) cited in the editorial note for the entry ÓLOS-
      in the A&C (VT46:7). -- PHW]

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