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752_VT_ 46 Appendix III erratum

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  • lambendil
    Oct 28, 2004
      --- In elfling@yahoogroups.com (message #30489), David Giraudeau wrote:

      > In VT46, appendix 3, page 30, I think Mr Smith would have made a mistake
      > by putting the tengwa #16 (tengwa of "Unque") instead of the tengwa #8
      > (tengwa of "Ungwe"), in the paragraph beginning by "Five other names...".

      I post this message here since its content seems to be relevant to the goals of the list.

      S├ębastien Bertho

      {(Dr.) Arden Smith replies: "Quite right. The tengwar in the article were changed from one font to another after I submitted the appendix (my original definitely had ungwe), but I should have caught the error at the proofreading stage."]
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