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741PE14:56 erratum: "it is soiled" >> "it is eaten"

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  • laurifindil
    Sep 18, 2004
      In the manuscript version of the "Early Qenya Grammar" (PE15:56)
      _ha-matsir_ is translated 'it is soiled' but the verb _mat-_ = 'to eat'
      op cit.:57), and _hamatsir_ is later translated as 'one eats it, it is eaten'.
      Did Tolkien make a mistake?

      E. Kloczko

      [No, but we did! Tolkien's handwriting proved elusive here; the gloss
      really does look a lot like 'soiled', but is in fact 'eaten', as you correctly
      deduced. (The word is written with a stylized, heightened, and unusually
      epsilon-like initial 'e' that really does look like his 's', including the 's'
      that occurs immediately before it; the 'a' is elongated with the result that
      it looks very like an 'oi' that have become joined together; and the 't' has
      a loop that is unusual, but not unheard-of; but on closer inspectiion there
      is no doubt that the correct reading is 'eaten'. Thanks for catching this! CFH]
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