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738_ninqita-_ 'shine white' vs. _ninqitá-_ 'whiten'

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  • David Kiltz
    Sep 14 11:27 PM
      On 14.09.2004, at 19:34, E. Kloczko wrote:

      > So _ninquitá-_ 'whiten' (V:378 s.v. NIK-W-) is not
      > a typo after all?
      > <...>
      > But then what might be the meaning of the long
      > _á_ as compared to "ninquita- shine white"?

      I think we're seeing here two different kinds of

      1. Causative (or in this case factitive), that is _*ninqui_
      + tâ_ 'make white, whiten' (for the causative suffix cf.
      e.g. Etymologies *_tultâ-_ 'make come' s.v. TUL- 'come',


      2. *_ninqui-_ > *_ninquit(a)_, i.e. sundóma extended
      + t(a), the so-called "_kalat-_" type [cf.XI:392].

      -David Kiltz

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