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735Another corrigendum to _The Etymologies_

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  • Arden R. Smith
    Sep 5, 2004
      I have another corrigendum to _The Etymologies_, one that I suspected
      long before I had access to photocopies of the manuscript, but which I
      failed to mention in the course of proofreading the most recent issue
      of _Vinyar Tengwar_.

      The entry in question is SKYAP-, in which _*skyapat_ (whence Q
      _hyapat_) and N _habad_ are both glossed as 'shore'. I believe that
      the correct gloss in both instances is 'shoe'. The curve in the line
      connecting the top of the _o_ with the bottom of the _e_ in the
      manuscript does look like it could be an _r_ (especially in the first
      instance), but my theory is supported by the following forms:

      Qenya _hyapa_ 'shoe' (QL pp. 41, 82 s.v. SAYAPA); _hyapa_ 'shoe' also
      appears in later unpublished materials; Goldogrin _habin_ 'shoe' (GL p. 47).

      [Agreed. Thanks! CFH]

      Arden R. Smith erilaz@...

      Perilme metto aimaktur perperienta.
      --Elvish proverb

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