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728"Addenda & Corrigenda" addendum

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Aug 30, 2004
      Helge Fauskanger has suggested
      (<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/elfling/message/30262>) that the
      somewhat problematic N pa.t. †_eglant_ (VT45:27 s.v. LED-) might
      instead be read as †_eglent_, with the following explanation:

      > the final syllable representing simply the root LED with the nasal
      > infixion often occurring in the past tense. The devoicing of a final
      > consonant (D > T) is unusual but not unprecedented; consider how
      > Tolkien derives Noldorin _belt_ from Old Noldorin _belda_ (entry BEL
      > in the printed Etym).

      To this example we can add the even more clearly parallel case of
      _hant_ < KHAD- (VT45:20 s.v. KHAM-).

      While Pat and I both agree that the form as written looks most like
      †_eglant_, still, it is an addition crammed into some marginal notes,
      written very small, and it is certainly possible to read it as
      †_eglent_. And Helge's reasoning is in this case persuasive.

      Helge also notes an additional cross-reference to the element _farne_
      of _Orofarne_ (cf. VT46:9 s.v. PHAS-), which should also be included.
      So, the following should be added to the VT addenda and corrigenda at


      VT45:27 s.v. LED-: for "†_eglant_" read "?†_eglant_" and append to
      editorial note: "N †_eglant_ can also be read as †_eglent_". (Suggested
      by Helge Fauskanger, see Elfling message 30262).

      VT46:9 s.v. PHAS-: append to editorial note: "But cf. also _Orofarne_
      'mountain-dwelling', L:224". (Noted by Helge Fauskanger, see Elfling
      message 30262).


      We thank Helge for noting these points.

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