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72Re: [Lambengolmor] Re: Various umlauts in Sindarin plurals

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  • Hans Georg Lundahl
    Jun 17 4:48 AM
      tchitrec <Tchitrec@...> wrote:

      "This could be questioned, because your vowel-diagram would be better
      described as trapezoidal :

      \ |

      so the distance o-y is indeed significantly greater than o-ö.
      Moreover, Sindarin I-affection implies not only fronting (u>y) but
      also raising (e>i)."

      My theory:
      A primary change o>ö, u>y
      B secondary changes ö>e in stressed syllables, ö>y in post-stressed syllables.
      My evidence onodrim and enyd are the collective and ordinary plurals of the S wd for Ent. Wh shd be *onod, since collective plurals do not have I-affection. This onod becomes neither ened nor ynyd but enyd by I-affection. The raising of post-stress short vowels is evidenced by Latin as against the more regular vocality of Greek. It could have occurred in S too (though it does not account for all raising, i e not raising e>i by I-affection), giving us hypotheticals:
      sing. *onod (preserved in coll. pl. onodrim)
      plur: *onod-í>*önöd(i)>enyd

      Hans Georg Lundahl

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