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719Re: [Lambengolmor] Peredhil - translation??

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  • David Kiltz
    Aug 10, 2004
      On 09.08.2004, at 16:06, Patrick H. Wynne wrote:

      > _Peredhil,
      > Pereldar_ do refer specifically to those who were half elf, half
      > Edain, and to nothing else.

      Not quite. To split some more hairs: _Pereldar_ is used, at least in
      pre- Lord of the Rings writings, referring to the _Danas_, that are
      Elves that turned away southwards during the long march from Cuiviénen
      but later came to Beleriand seperately. "They are not counted among the
      Eldar, nor yet among the Avari". In later writings, they're called
      _Nandor_. Cf. e.g.HoME V (The Lost Road) p. 214 and 218-219. While
      Patrick H. Wynne is certainly right when it comes to Lord of the Rings
      time and later writings, the term _Pereldar_ at least, was used in a
      much wider or different sense by Tolkien earlier. Elros and Elrond are
      called _i·Pheredhil [XII:256], so 'the (proto-)typical Peredhil'
      perhaps. But that may not necessarily preclude other uses of the word,
      as the opportunity would arise.


      [In my previous comments I was in fact specifically speaking only of
      the use of _Peredhil, Pereldar_ in Tolkien's _later_ writings, hence
      my statement, "In Tolkien's later writings, the term Half-elven is
      _only_ applied to people such as Elros and Elrond" etc. I would not
      characterize the use of _Pereldar_ as a name of the Danas as a "much
      wider ... sense" of the same word applied to Elrond et al. in Tolkien's
      later writings, but rather as an externally earlier use of the term with
      a wholly _different_ sense and application (the Danas were not of mixed
      blood, but rather had begun the Great Journey with the other Eldar but
      turned back before completing it -- they thus fell short of fitting the
      full definition of _Eldar_ as "the Elves that obeyed the summons and
      followed the three princes" (V:214).

      Further emphasizing the distinction between this earlier usage of
      _Pereldar_ in Tolkien's writings with its later usage is the fact that
      in other texts roughly contemporary to the late-30s QS, _Pereldar_
      is NOT used to refer to Elrond et al. Elrond is instead (in the later
      Annals of Beleriand) called _Elrond Beringol_ 'the Half-elven'
      (V:148 n.44) -- the form without mutation of the initial consonant
      appears in the Etym. as N. _Peringol_ 'half-elf, or Gnome' < _perin_
      *'half' + a shortened form of N _golodh_ 'Gnome'. -- PHW]
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