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718Meaning of "Thranduil"

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  • Florian Dombach
    Aug 9, 2004

      As far as I know there was never a clear translation of the name of
      _Thranduil_ (in fact none at all?), so I wonder what the actual
      meaning might be. My only idea so far:

      it could consist of _staran-_, which in Etym. leads to Ilkorin words
      containing "stiff, hard", and possibly *_tujloo_ as analogical
      agental form of *_tujlee_ (spring). There doesn't seem to be an
      etymological problem (*StarĂ¡n-tujloo > S *Sthran-tuilo > Thran-duil),
      if the semantic border between the terms was always recognized, but
      already this is not _that_ likely, and even worse "Hard Spring"
      doesn't make much sense.

      So maybe *_-loo_ is a variant of _-roo_, so just a mere agental
      ending attatched to the unchanged stem, leading to an interpretation
      of something like "Offspring of the Hard (Ones)"?

      Neither one seems really likely to me (although I really believe it
      may contain _staran-_), but I should like to hear your ideas.

      Florian "Lothenon" Dombach