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7Moderation: Bibliographic citation

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    May 30, 2002
      [I'm replying to this message on the list, since others will likely have the
      same questions. Carl]

      > So, there goes my question: could a more flexible way of citation be
      > allowed?

      Provide page citations to whatever edition you have; if it is not a
      hardcover/trade edition, just indicate that fact somewhere in your post.

      > Some sources, for instance Letters and the Etymologies, can
      > be easily refered by a number or an entry, which is the same for any
      > edition and any language. Paragraphs at the Annals and the Quenta in
      > HoME are also usually marked with numbers, and so on.

      Both of these citation forms are fine, but should be used in conjunction
      with page numbers: e.g., "In letter 210 (L:xxx) ..." or "The base KAM-
      (V:xxx) ...".

      > Of course, when a page number can be given, it is always better to do
      > so, and an effort for getting the standard references must be done
      > when one writes an article for, say, publishing in a journal.

      Exactly. I want this list to be much more like a journal. The discipline of
      citing page numbers encourages people to check their sources instead of
      relying on memory, and helps others to consult the sources and verify

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