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695_A Gateway to Sindarin_

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  • Marianne
    Jun 23, 2004
      The University of Utah Press announced in its fall catalogue that it
      will publish _A Gateway to Sindarin: A Grammar of an Elvish Language
      from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings_ by David Salo.

      Amazon.com lists it as coming out in October, priced at $49.95.

      -- Marianne

      [The table of contents for David's forthcoming book is listed at:


      I note that, from this listing, it is quite clear that in fact the vast majority
      of what David will discuss will derive from Noldorin of the _Etymologies_,
      not from Sindarin of _The Lord of the Rings_, so the title of his book is in
      fact a misnomer on several counts (though the publisher, and not David,
      may be primarily responsible for the title, as is often the case).

      I have ordered the book and hope to offer a complete review once I have
      received and read it. I encourage others to do the same. CFH]