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689Moderation: post 687

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  • Patrick H. Wynne
    Jun 15, 2004
      Lambengolmor members with an eye for detail will note
      that message #687 has been deleted -- nothing sinister
      going on, David Kiltz just sent two versions of the same
      post, the second being a corrected version of the first. I
      accidently approved the first, uncorrected version before
      realizing that David had sent a corrected version as well.
      So, I have deleted the uncorrected version (#687) from
      the archives; message #688 is the corrected text.

      Those of you who get Lambengolmor posts sent as emails
      will have received both versions. My sincere apologies to
      David and the Lambengolmor members for this mixup!

      -- Patrick H. Wynne